Jess Ellis Knubis writes and produces original music for films, documentaries and commercials.

Raised in Wisconsin, Jess’ interest in music began at an early age, influenced by the Beatles, George Martin and the great TV music of the era. While his classmates tuned in to top forty radio or rock ‘n’ roll, Jess discovered the world of jazz. He studied music composition and arranging, and played bar gigs even though underage. Then went on to hone his craft writing and recording advertising jingles in Milwaukee.

In the early 1970s, Jess and his wife Gabriela moved to Los Angeles where he began playing on recording sessions, hiring out as a sideman for touring artists and performing at clubs and private events throughout the 1970s and early ‘80s.

In 1983, Jess and family moved from Los Angeles to the Monterey Peninsula. In a new creative venture, music was put on hold for a number of years while the couple developed a successful business in visual design, photography and advertising.

Jess’ musical energy remained dormant until 1992, when he wrote and recorded “Sanctuary”, a CD that for months received airplay on jazz stations throughout the U.S. and charted on industry publications.

In 1997 Jess and Gabriela moved to Napa Valley, buying an old farmhouse and 14-acres on which they developed a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard. Now living in Green Valley, Jess is intensely focused on composition.

“My intention was always to write and produce music, as it’s always in my head,” he says. “In my mind, I hear music continuously. It’s an ongoing ensemble of sound, that seems to react spontaneously to what I see and experience.”


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Original Music for Film, Video and Commercials
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